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Friday, May 18, 2007

purplebabydaddies at Red Shoes in Ann Arbor

Here we are....our flowers gracing the front of Red Shoes. I am really glad that our Michigan customers can find us now. The store is located at 332 South Ashley in Ann Arbor, one block off of Main Street, behind the Ark (telephone-734-913-5554).
This is a close-up shot of the fairy door. If you look to the bottom right of the front door of the shop, you'll spot it. It often has tiny gifts left by people for the fairies. Inside the shop, you can leave a note to the tiny inhabitants.
this is the fairy door from the inside, looking out.

Red Shoes.....check it out.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

purplebabydaddies in Ann Arbor at Red Shoes

Tadaaaaah! Finally. It's taken us a little while but we are finally showing in southeast Michigan, in Ann Arbor, where we got started on this crazy stuff such a long time ago. We're at Red Shoes ,a most creative and jam-packed with goodness store. We are back in Michigan after 7 years in the Florida Keys and we think we are better than ever, wiser and more seasoned.

Red Shoes, Catherine Thursby's delicious store, is off the beaten track at 332 South Ashley (located just one block off of Ann Arbor's fabulous Main street) If you haven't discovered her store, you are missing something special, and when you do go, you're in for a big treat. Catherine, the lovely owner, features her own artwork which is funky and great, vintage finds, art by other's (like us), and other yummy things for the home, you and the kiddles in your life. I want one of everything when I go in there. Her hours are
10-6, Monday through Saturday.

We are extremely honored that she will be carrying our work locally. We dropped off fish, a hummingbird, a butterfly, some flowers. We'll be adding more to her store over the coming weeks, including suns, mini scupture, a little of this and a little of that.

Make sure you click on the link above for Catherines entertaining and witty blog where she posts all of the wonderful new things that she has added to her store, talks about her latest projects and other people type things.
Click here, Red Shoes website for more info....oh, and make sure and check out her fairy inhabitants.

Fair Warning: The next few posts are all about puppies, kids and our new, Michigan front porch. For more purplebabydaddies art keep on scrolling.
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Singing the blues: flowers for Garden Argosy in Sarasota

The great thing about painting these flowers is the total freedom it offers us to play with the paint and color them imaginatively and vividly. When I have these on my table in front of me it is absolutely impossible to be gloomy. Painting them is sheer enjoyment.
Spring is bursting out all over and these flowers have places to go, people to see, homes to engrace. This particular crop of tiny flowers and a whole bunch of other great work is making its way to Garden Argosy in Sarasota.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Send Flowers

The flowers that never die, a spectacular garden that can keep on growing. Buy an entire grouping, add slowly to your collection each year, or just buy one outstanding piece and enjoy it for many, many years to come. These flowers offer a breath of springtime, a touch of summer all year round and are suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.
Flowers are sold in 5 sizes: large (6ft. plus), medium (51/2 feet tall), small (4.5-5ft. tall), tiny (3.5-4feet), and tabletop (12-18 inches).
All flowers come with a hand-made, mosaic (using hand-painted glass) concrete base.
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yellow flower examples

There is absolutely no better way to chase away the winter grays than with a bright yellow flower that will bloom all year round. Make a garden in your kitchen, your foyer, your bathroom. Live with spring and summer year round. Call or e-mail for prices. There is a link to galleries that carry these flowers on the top of the page or you can can get in touch with us directly. What are you waiting for? Support your artists....;)!
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mini flowers and fish

mini flowers with bug and mosaic base: $85

wall fish: $45( 8-10inches)-$300 (60inches)

shown: orange fish- $175

blue/green fish- $145

Monday, November 20, 2006

new painting

work on the painting that I started in the Keys is progressing slowly in between working on the design line.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

purplebabydaddies: Huge Flowers

This is a purplebabydaddies flower, sure to make a statement wherever it is placed. It is suitable for outdoor placement, but people put them everywhere- foyers, by hot tubs, bathrooms, kitchens.
Last year a woman bought one from us saying that it was her 11th flower and all of them were in her kitchen, a huge indoor flower garden.
They come in all sizes. The one shown at the left is a medium-sized one. It is 5ft. 8inches tall, but the size range available is from 15 inches tall to over 6ft. and the prices range from $95 to $325.
Each one comes with a handmade mosaic base embedded with glass hand-painted by the artists.
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purplebaydaddies: flowers and flamingoes

Flowers and flamingoes, indoor-outdoor sculpture by Leslie and Markel Leland available for sale now at
Dennison- Moran Gallery in Naples
Island Style Galleries in Key West
Sanibel Island
Though we make many flowers and flamingoes, each piece is painted and embellished differently, a one of a kind piece.
Stay tuned for 3-D cats and mermaids.
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Sunday, April 30, 2006

lots of purplebabydaddies art work

one of our darling tiny flowers Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

new work by Leslie and Markel

This flamingo is one of Markel's new pieces this spring. He has branched out into 3-dimensional work
tiny fish for the wall
medium flower top
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