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Saturday, July 07, 2007

bye-bye babies

Well, off they went, our last two little boys, with an adorable family.....sigh. This is Allene with her two grand-children. She came for one of the puppies and left with two!!! Her daughter and grand-children had a little bit to do with that....but, we are actually thrilled with her decision because Angel and Corky loved to wrestle and play with one another and then would curl up together to sleep. That's why Allene took them both. She wanted them each to have a playmate and dog companionship. I've always thought dogs who are pack animals are happier in pairs. I think they are going to have a charmed life, wintering in South Carolina and summers back in Ann Arbor.

In spite of how good we feel about the match it's been a sad couple of days around here. Lucy the mother of the pups has been looking for them ever since they left, a concern Allene and her family had, and that I didn't realize would be an issue. We've been giving her extra attention and treats.

Thw reason I wasn't more prepared for her worried behavior I remembered, is that we have always kept at least one puppy from every litter, or a close family member or friend has kept one and they visited every day.... so the mama has always had at least one puppy to be with....and so have we. It's a little pitiful around here right now as we get used to having all three of them gone.....poof, did it ever happen? Thankfully, our friend took one, so we will be able to watch him grow up, though they live an hour away.
We just got the final wholesale orders out the door and down the road and now we are in full swing for the Ann Arbor Art Fairs in mid-July with the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair in mid-August close on Ann Arbor's heels. (Don't worry Lisa, we're working on your small flower, which will be gracing your garden soon....)

The pieces shown above and below are mini-sculptures heading for Somerset Gallery in Ocean City, Maryland
Mini-mermaids for Somerset Gallery in Ocean City, Maryland.
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Saturday, June 16, 2007


This is still a blog about art, though my recent postings haven't exactly reflected that. Has anyone else noticed that blogging goes a little slower in the summer, the writing of them as well as the reading of them? We are still working hard, making pieces for our orders, spending the better part of our days working, but when we aren't working there are barbeques, a glorious front porch to sit and dream on, walks to Ann Arbor's bustling downtown, puppies, children, families and friends to play with, gardens to grow. I write the blog in my mind, though enjoying the long summer days seems to be what is capturing me. Happy Summer.
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Friday, June 01, 2007

Pulling it Together

We have had one of those weeks where many outside tasks have demanded our attention and so today, at last, we have had one of those lovely days where we could devote our entire day to work...... which was going swimmingly until I broke a glass while I was washing dishes and badly cut my finger. It might need a stitch, but since we don't have health insurance we bandaged it up and on I went, not willing to spend another day away from working. Sitting in an emergency room is not my idea of how I want to spend a day, especially after spending half a day yesterday, waiting to renew our driver's licenses and then an afternoon of physicals at our doctor's office.
We have flowers, fish, cats, suns all in the works and so it was with a great deal of accomplishment that we were able to finish the two cats and sun today....completely.
This guy is going to Garden Argosy, the gallery in Sarasota that carries our work.
A green version, from the same litter, also heading to the same gallery in Sarasota.
....And a sun for my younger sister Mary, who was a mermaid in another life.

We are determined to completely finish more tomorrow. Nothing is planned. We are sequestering ourselves because suddenly we have a very full bulletin board of work and so it's time to get busy.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Deep in the Thick of It

It's not all about the shi-chi puppies (but since I mentioned them, 3 week old puppy pics will be coming in a day or two)....we do still make and sell art....though I must admit that the last week has been very rich in living life and enjoying family and friends. It has been a beautiful couple of days. Memorial Day in Michigan arrived after two dark, contemplative, rain-filled, incubative days as a spectacularly bright, sunny, shiny day. I must admit that the dark days were lovely in their own right and oh, how all of the new gardens desparately needed the rain.

Ann Arbor, a great city for families and people in general, has a fabulous string of community pools and parks that all opened this last weekend. My daughter and two grandchildren and I walked the 10 minute walk from their new house, to their neighborhood pool at Buhr Park, where other family members joined us. Our extended family spent most of Monday afternoon up to our necks in cool, beautiful water and then we topped off the day with a barbecue in the evening.

We discovered that my almost 2-year old grand-daughter Juniper most likely has mermaid roots. Being a Michigan baby she hasn't been exposed to much swimming time, but she took to the water with enthusiasm. Michael, her older brother is already a fish. He was a Key West boy for the first 5 years of his life, where swimming in crystal clear, white sandy-bottom, carribean waters is a daily event so it was hard for him not to grow fins.

The day was ideal....there was literally nothing wrong with it from start to finish. Winter is officially over.

Back to work on Tuesday, which is always really, really nice after a fun-filled, work-free, few days. I'm always ready to get back into it. We have a full schedule of orders on the bulletin board, including an order from Somerset Jewelers Gallery, who we have sold to for the past 4-5 years, in Ocean City, Maryland. I'd love to include a link to their store but they don't keep a website. We're pulling everything together, working simultaneously on cats, flamingoes, suns, fish, flowers.

The photos above show a cat before it's features have been added and a fish in the early stages.

Flamingoes with their base coat, waiting for glass, eyes, wings.

Large Flower tops primed and ready for action.

Flowers in progress with cat eyes on the table too.

I haven't been getting to my paintings as much I would like. The arrival of summer is directing any extra time that I have, outside to dig in the garden, fill my front porch flower boxes with new soil and flowers, spray paint the wicker furniture I picked up on craigslist, have cook-outs with the whole family at our friend (and my daughter's mother-in-law) Yvonne's house (we share grandchildren) the less exciting tasks of renewing licenses (YAY- Michigan driver's licenses mean we can start using the library), going to doctor's appointments, shopping for art materials, and all of that other necessary and very time consuming stuff that we have to do to keep everything working. Don't even ask me how the inside of my house looks today. Total disaster zone.

Life has gotten speedy all of a sudden, but I keep telling myself it's all a matter of balance. I'm with you new friend who carries our work at The Red Shoes in Ann Arbor was just talking about the busy-ness of her life the other day, and how easy it is to feel hectic. Indeed, and in spite of how crazy it can make you feel trying to figure out the way to get it all done, it's much better than feeling bored. No boredom here. Too, too busy making life happen.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

purplebabydaddies at Red Shoes in Ann Arbor

Here we are....our flowers gracing the front of Red Shoes. I am really glad that our Michigan customers can find us now. The store is located at 332 South Ashley in Ann Arbor, one block off of Main Street, behind the Ark (telephone-734-913-5554).
This is a close-up shot of the fairy door. If you look to the bottom right of the front door of the shop, you'll spot it. It often has tiny gifts left by people for the fairies. Inside the shop, you can leave a note to the tiny inhabitants.
this is the fairy door from the inside, looking out.

Red Shoes.....check it out.
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

studies for a new painting and design work in progress

In the midst of making the design work going to galleries, I'm about to start another painting and have taken some preliminary photos to get started.....more original work here

I have been drawn to fruit bowls as a subject for a long time now. When I paint them, they symbolize to me, abundance, beauty, health, the whole idea that the most important things are simple, that we can be fulfilled without needing/having a lot of stuff....good friends, good food, books, a good garage sale, dance, art, learning, music, conversation, family-this is what we need more of, what we can't have enough of.

Have you noticed how hard it is for human beings to share fairly? We have so much on this earth, in this country, and yet so many people are starving, don't have what they need, even in my own town, right here in Ann Arbor. Then other individuals are so rich, with so much more than they need, and they crave more, can't have enough. The people who are really puzzling are those who, even though they have so much, don't want anyone else to have as much as them, or anything at all. Some human beings can be a little over-rated I think.

Still, I think I see more of an awareness growing and I hope that I am seeing an expanding consciousness. Certainly, we can't all truly be happy till everyone is taken care of. Giving up hope that human beings will evolve into a kinder species isn't worth the pain.

If we were logical, the future would be bleak indeed. But we are more than logical. We are human beings and we have faith, and we have hope, and we can work. -Jacques Cousteau

"Wait'll next year" is the favorite cry of baseball fans, football fans, hockey fans, and gardeners.
-Robert Orben
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

purplebabydaddies in Ann Arbor at Red Shoes

Tadaaaaah! Finally. It's taken us a little while but we are finally showing in southeast Michigan, in Ann Arbor, where we got started on this crazy stuff such a long time ago. We're at Red Shoes ,a most creative and jam-packed with goodness store. We are back in Michigan after 7 years in the Florida Keys and we think we are better than ever, wiser and more seasoned.

Red Shoes, Catherine Thursby's delicious store, is off the beaten track at 332 South Ashley (located just one block off of Ann Arbor's fabulous Main street) If you haven't discovered her store, you are missing something special, and when you do go, you're in for a big treat. Catherine, the lovely owner, features her own artwork which is funky and great, vintage finds, art by other's (like us), and other yummy things for the home, you and the kiddles in your life. I want one of everything when I go in there. Her hours are
10-6, Monday through Saturday.

We are extremely honored that she will be carrying our work locally. We dropped off fish, a hummingbird, a butterfly, some flowers. We'll be adding more to her store over the coming weeks, including suns, mini scupture, a little of this and a little of that.

Make sure you click on the link above for Catherines entertaining and witty blog where she posts all of the wonderful new things that she has added to her store, talks about her latest projects and other people type things.
Click here, Red Shoes website for more info....oh, and make sure and check out her fairy inhabitants.

Fair Warning: The next few posts are all about puppies, kids and our new, Michigan front porch. For more purplebabydaddies art keep on scrolling.
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Friday, May 04, 2007

this week's batch.....frogs, leslie suns and....

Frogs, suns, hummingbirds, butterflies ready to make the long trek to their respective galleries- Garden Argosy in Sarasota, Dennison-Moran Gallery in Naples and Island Style Galleries in Key West and on Sanibel.
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......hummingbirds and butterflies

....all ready to go on their big journey to the galleries where they will be for sale. (Click on the links at the top part of the page to connect with galleries).
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

mini sculpture

The mini's are hand-painted table top size sculpture. Shown above are mini flowers, fish, cats and leslie suns.
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Our design line

To see examples of our whole design line click on the link below that says "design line". Some of you have requested photos of our full line to help you decide what you'd like to order. Hope this helps. The photos above are examples of the hummingbird and flower, butterfly and flower and a frog. The frog is shown as a close-up, but it does come with a stem and mosaic base.
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